Oppo has decided to let LG G2 user use their ColorOS as the company has been developing a compatible version of their ColorOS from LG G2 and after 3 months of developments the company is finally done with the OS. ColorOS is going to go out as a beta platform first where beta users will test ColorOS as their daily driver. As of now Oppo is looking for unlocked LG G2 (D802) users to try the ColorOS ROM on their smartphone.

Oppo is going to start recruiting their ColorOS beta testers using LG G2 with the ending date on 19th of September. There is no limit to the numbers of beta testers for ColorOS so everyone who is interested can freely sign up for the beta test. After Oppo is done with the beta testing ColorOS will be made officially available for all the compatible LG G2 devices.

There is a catch to it though for all the beta testers there are some rules like users would have to report and give feedback about the OS. They also have to share any problem they might be facing with the OS and are not allowed to share any information about the OS to the public.

Oppo users are not onboard with this decision and are against the decision of letting LG G2 use ColorOS. It is also said that Oppo might be shifting from making high end smartphones to developing software instead though we are not sure about that.

If you are an unlocked LG G2 users and interested in trying the Color OS out then click on the provided source link. What do you think about Oppo making their ColorOS available for LG G2, will you give it a try and install the ROM on your LG G2?