We live in a world where smartphone SOC’s have break the barrier of dual cores and even quad cores and currently stands on eight cores while same can’t be said about Apple as they are still running their smartphones with dual core processor that go as high as 1.3Ghz on the A7 chip in frequency.

A new rumors have been spreading according china about the new A8 SOC to be used in iPhone 6 that will be clocked higher than 2.0GHz which has caught everyone’s attention as it’s a huge jump from a 1.3GHz frequency to a 2.0GHz frequency or more. The SOC will be using the same architecture though which is 64-bit and the same number of cores at 2. People were hoping to see a quad core processor in the iPhone 6 as Apple is going to increase their screen size and resolution and that is going to require a lot more processing power than usually, but with 2 cores Apple have always performed better than all the Android phones available on the market. So maybe Apple knows what they are doing.

Old rumors about the A8 chip suggested that the SOC will be clocked as high as 2.6GHz, but we are sure that won’t be on the iPhone 6. It can be possible on the Apple iPad Air 2 though as Apple always equips them with a high clocked SOC than they do on their iPhone 6. If you don’t know the iPhone 6 will come in two version including a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5 inch iPhone 6 also known as iPhone Air and according to the rumors they are both set to launch in September. This is all for now, we would update you guys as soon as something comes up regarding iPhone 6.