It’s been almost a year now that we have been hearing about Apple working on an iWatch but we haven’t heard anything from the company about it yet. There have been countless rumors surrounding the smart watch from Apple and we also saw Apple acquiring a Swiss watch company not a long while ago.

All the smart watches present on the market today has a geek type feeling to them which is fine for all the youngsters but it’s not something a more mature user would wear and that is what Apple is trying to do to come up with a beautiful piece of wearable technology that people would love to wear on their hands. We say this because Apple just asked Patrick Pruniaux who was the Vice President of retail and sales there at TAG Heuer for assistance with Apple’s iWatch.

TAG Heuer is a Swiss watch maker company which is known for their luxury watches, that is no doubt why Apple approached him in the first place as with the expertise of Patrick Pruniaux Apple is going to come up with a pretty good looking smart watch for sure.

We are not sure if Apple is going to be a threat to TAG Heuer by asking the assistance of an ex-employee of the company but if customers are willing to pay that much money just to get a luxury watch that tells time from TAG Heuer then why not get a watch that does more than just tell time. Moto 360 from Motorola also tried to come up with a smartwatch that has a round face and does not look anything like the smart watches available on the market today and people are already giving it a lot of attention even though it’s not out yet.