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Hungry Shark Evolution for PC download

Hungry Shark Evolution is an addicting award winning game where you take control of the one of the deadliest predator underwater – a shark. Hungry Shark Evolution is also available on iTunes store but Hungry Shark Evolution for PC isn’t announced yet. People who don’t own an

Empire Z for PC download

Empire Z is a truly engrossing game focusing on more than one aspect but Empire Z for PC is not available.. The game is essentially a city management title that requires players to build a city and defend it. Your city if one of the few areas

Block Fortress For PC Free Download

There are so many impressive Android games out there that it is easy to overlook a few. Block Fortress might be one of the few. Block Fortress might not be as popular as Angry Birds or so, but it is certainly gaining traction. It is available for

Smart-Watches Reported to be More Distracting to Drivers than Smartphones

It’s long been established that driving while operating a mobile phone is a dangerous habit – so much so that driving while texting or calling has been banned in the UK since 2003. How effective that ban has been continues to be argued by safety experts and

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung’s highly anticipated smartphone, the Galaxy S6 was finally showcased by the company one day before the MWC 2015 had officially kicked off. The device sports an embellished design and is available in two variants; a regular version as well as one that features the curved edge