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iPhone 6 now rumroed to launch on October 14

Till now rumors were pointing the launch of iPhone 6 to be in September as Apple always launches their new iPhone in the month of September but according to the new rumor that might not be the case and people who are waiting to get their hands

Universal VLC app for all Windows devices

VLC is a well-known media player because of the ease that the software offers as users can simply throw any video format at it and it would play it without a problem though when it comes to Windows 8.1 VLC only offers its beta version which has

Samsung executive confirms the existance of an upcoming smartphone made up of ”new materials”

Samsung hasn’t been doing well this year with the launch of their Galaxy S5 as not a lot of user upgraded to the new smartphone mainly because they don’t think it’s an upgrade over the Galaxy S4 but it does not mean that the tech giant is

HTC NYC event on August 18

On Wednesday HTC started sending invites for an event that is to be held in New York City on 19th of August though the company didn’t say anything about what was going to be in this event of theirs. A representative from HTC said in an email

Instagram soft launches its new BOLT messaging app

We recently told you about Instagram accidently alerting a few of their Instagram users about their “one tap photo messaging” BOLT app but we were not sure what the app was for. Instagram has just started a soft launch of their BOLT app and initially it will