Best Google Chrome Extensions to Install in 2014

Google Chrome was released in 2008 and since then it has become one of the most popular web browsers. Not only does it offer a cleaner, faster and simpler web browsing experience, it also offers a Web Store full of great extensions. Chrome extensions can be easily installed in a few seconds and they can greatly enhance the browsing experience. Here we have listed some of the best and must have Google Chrome Extensions.


TabCloud - Best Chrom Extensions

TabCloud – Best Chrom Extensions

While using the internet, most users have multiple tabs open at the same and TabCloud allows the user to save their browsing session which they can restore at a later date. TabCloud can save as many sessions as the user wants and it arranges them by date and time. It can even sync the browser data across computers, meaning users can restore their browsing sessions on any of their machines. All the user need is a Gmail account to get started with TabCloud. It is definitely one of the most important Chrome extensions for avid internet users.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus For Gmail - Best Chrome Extensions

Checker Plus For Gmail – Best Chrome Extensions

Checker Plus for Gmail is probably the most useful Chrome extension for anyone who sends and receives emails on a daily basis. The extension allows the user to preview unread emails and then archive, delete or reply them. The users can do all this without actually visiting Gmail and it even allows the users to manage multiple accounts. It also offers a variety of notifications including voice that can read the emails to the user.


Pocket App - Best Chrome Extensions

Pocket App – Best Chrome Extensions

Formerly known “Read It Later”,Pocket is a Google Chrome extension which does exactly that. Pocket allows the users to save any website or article, so that they can circle back to it later. If a user comes across an article or a website which they are interested in, but don’t have the time to check. They can use the Pocket extension and the website/article will end up in the Pocket queue from where the user can access it whenever they want.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper - Best Chrome Extensions

Evernote Web Clipper – Best Chrome Extensions

Evernote is a famous multi-platform cloud service and Web Clipper allows the user to clip any part of the web browser and save it for later use. It is a very useful Google Chrome extension, as users can save anything, from a Facebook picture to an address or a flight confirmation. Users can also annotate their clippings and once saved, it can be accessed from anywhere using Evernote.


Nimbus Screen Capture App

Nimbus Screen Capture App

Nimbus is one of the most popular screenshot Chrome extensions, which allows to easily and quickly take screenshots of the browser. Nimbus is a powerful tool with easy to understand user interface and a variety of features. One of the best thing about Nimbus is that it can also work offline and offers many editing tools. Nimbus also provides online storage facility for the screenshots through Google drive.

Chrome to Mobile

Chrome to Mobile - Best Chrome Extensions

Chrome to Mobile – Best Chrome Extensions

Chrome to Mobile is a Chrome extension that allows the user to replicate their desktop browser experience on their smartphone. When leaving from the office or home, this Chrome extension offers an easy way to transfer the live webpages and work on them while traveling. The best thing is that it can also work in offline mode.