Good quality games have always been there on platforms like PC and consoles as they have powerful hardware when compared to smartphones, but over the past few years the hardware on a smartphone has gotten way a lot better than it used to be and with the passage of time it’s going to get better. 2k games has revealed that its working on a Bioshock game for iOS the same game that came out 7 years ago. It will be a full ported version of the game with nothing excluded.

If you don’t know Bioshock is a game that takes place in an underwater city called Rapture that was made by a guy named Andrew Ryan. Andrew Ryan build Rapture in order to represent his visions and ideals. Players will be playing as Jack around whom the story revolves who survives in a plane crash and has nowhere to go but to enter Rapture.

The game has an amazing story and those of you who have played it on a PC or console will now so. 2k games won’t change a thing about this game and users would be able to enjoy a full game but with lowered graphic details and other settings to run the game smoothly.

Those of you excited can check the demo of the game on YouTube where the game is being played on an Apple iPad Air with a MFi controller. That is all there is to it as 2k games didn’t reveal any launch date about the game though the game looks almost complete and should come out later this summer. It’s good to see how good the hardware on a smartphone has gone, we should be expecting some other good games also ported to iOS after Bioshock though it looks like the current hardware can only support old games.