Blackberry is not doing so well with their smartphones as Blackberry customers are moving to other operating systems like Android and iOS or even Windows because of the lack of features and apps and other of other things that Blackberry OS does not offers. Blackberry also launched their Blackberry Z3 recently with the help of Foxconn which is an affordable smartphone targeted towards mid-tier markets, but what’s really got people excited is the unannounced Blackberry Passport that has been appearing on the internet for a couple of days now. The smartphone has a display measuring at 4.5 inches that supports a resolution of 440 x 1440, 3GB of RAM and will be powered by a 3450mAh battery.

Other internal specs have not been out yet though the smartphone will be running on Blackberry OS 10.3 and also comes with its own voice assistant just like all the other mobile operating systems have on them. Someone upload a video on YouTube of the Blackberry Passport on Friday showing some of the new features that the smartphones has to offer. The physical keyboard on the Blackberry Passport acts as both a QWERTY keyboard and a touchpad as there is no touchpad available on the Blackberry Passport. The way it works is that the user will have to slightly brush his fingers on top of the keyboard in order to move the cursor while in a browser or to interact with the user interface.

Blackberry sure must be happy to see the hype that the smartphone is getting with a launch date that is expected to be somewhere in September, which is along with the new iPhone 6 from Apple and Note 4 from Samsung.

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