Recently Apple announced that the company is going to acquire Beats for their devices though the acquisition has not been done yet and both the companies are waiting for regulators to go on with the acquisition. Beats is a famous company known for they portable headphones and earphones though sound and audio technology is not the main reason why the company is famous but the design and looks that it offers in its portable headphones and earphones is, as they are a sign of status nowadays among users.

Bose who is a well-known company for their audio technology and quality has sued Beats for five noise cancellation patents. While measuring other companies like Beats etc. Bose is set as a standard to evaluate them and the company goes way back as well to the 1980’s when Bose equipment was used in military applications and started producing products from consumer market in the 2000.

A representative from Bose while suing Beats on Friday said “We are committed to protection our investment, protecting our customers, and defending the patents we own’’. Bose sued Beats for the noise cancellation technology that they have been using in Beats’ Studio and Studio Wireless line of headphones as they were first adopted by Bose.

If Apple was successful in the acquisition of Beats than it will be the most expensive acquisition that Apple is going to make. HTC is also the owner of around 50 percent shares of Beats company though things hasn’t been going smooth for HTC and if Apple was to acquire Beats then it would be good for HTC as it will get a revenue of 1.29 billion through this acquisition that HTC desperately needs.

Companies nowadays sue each other for various patents every now and then where as Apple and Samsung sue each other the most.