Google is famous for their search capabilities and people all around the world prefer Google over other search providers like Yahoo, MSN etc. but to make it even easier for its users Google introduced Google Now in 2012 with the release of Android Jelly Bean. Google introduced Google Now to challenge Siri which was launched by Apple as Google Now also works as a voice assistant and helps you know different things from what the weather is like to what the current stock market prices are, Google Now can tell you all about it.

Now Google has plans to include multi-language support to their Google Now. User can still select any language they want by going into the settings but only one language can be selected at one time and now Google wants to make it easier for its users so that they won’t have to change the language each time. This would allow users to talk in different languages and Google Now will still recognize them all.

During a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) Thread held on Reddit the Designer of Google search named Jon Wiley said that they are currently working on a features that will be included in Google Now which will allow users to talk in multi languages which will help users who likes to talk in dialects. This option will not only work in Google Now but users would also be able to use it while searching something on the web.

This was announced was back as well and Google has to drop this project at that time. Still we have no idea when Google will actually include this in Google Now but if you are one of those who use Google Now a lot then keep trying to mix things up and see what kind of results you get.