On May two smartphone customers made an antitrust lawsuit against Google saying that Google is unfair when it comes to licensing their Android OS on other smartphone manufacturers which affects its competitors in both mobile services and search.

On Friday Google asked for the diminishing of this antitrust lawsuit as according to Google smartphone manufacturers who are using their Android OS are free to install any apps that they like and are not in any condition obligated in using Google apps only. According to the lawyers that argued on this matter Google forces all the smartphone manufactures that are using its Android OS to make Google’s search engine as a default search engine on their smartphones because Google knows that smartphone users won’t go through the hassle of changing the default settings and would just go with the options they are already provided. This is unfair because of the market share that Google Android has which is way more than all its competitors combined. Google then uses their search engine to come up with advertisements that pay the most which is the reason behind the billions of profit that the company makes every year.

Google also said that even if smartphone manufacturers are obligated to install Google apps on their smartphones they can still add their own competing apps as well and in the end it’s on the user whether he wants to go with Google apps or other apps of his choice because Android is a customizable OS after all. In the light of all the points that Google made the company has asked the court to dismiss this lawsuit while a hearing is to be made in October.

What do your think about Google, were the obligations made by those two customers in anyway correct or not ?