Google recently unveiled their new operation system codenamed Android L where the company has mainly focused on looks and the material design of the entire UI though Android L is still far from its official launch but Google has including the looks of Android L to its new Google Chrome beta browser for Android including some new features as well.

The new feature that Google included in their Chrome beta browser for Android are Single Sing-in feature, Maps and search for which the user would have to login. Single Sign-in is a great feature to have as users won’t have to sign into Google accounts again and again to check on stuff because Single Sign-in lets you login into all your Google account by just logging into Google Chrome giving you access to multiple account from one place.

There is a drawback to this new feature as well because if a person is using this Single Sign-in feature and has signed into all his account and then incase his phone gets lost or stolen, so it won’t be hard for the other guy to get into his accounts and take his personal information from there though Google also has introduced some tools that will help securing your personal information. In the end it depends on the user whether the user is worried about security or likes to easily get to all his accounts from one places and won’t have to log in again and again.

The looks of the browser aren’t changed that much but it does have the looks of Android L with a few changes here and there. Anyone who is interested can get it on their Android smartphone if you want to try something new other than the stable build of Chrome and let us know your experience with it.