Google Glass as we all know is an open beta project that not a lot of people are using though Google has made their Google Glass available on the Google Play Store. The price of the device is still $1500 but at this price point buyer are only getting either an eye glass frame or a sunglass frame depending on the choice of the buyer. Other than that there are a lot of accessories already available in the market for the Google Glass including 40 apps available on Google Play Store.

Google Glass Explorer Edition is also available on the Google Play Store which comes in five different colors including orange, white, blue, black and white and will ship in one or two days upon order. The weight of the Google Glass is very light though it looks very heavy. The device also runs on Android Kitkat 4.4 and is compatible with both Android and iOS but there is a catch to it as Google Glass users would have to download My Glass app in order to make Google Glass work with their phone. My Glass app is compatible on Android devices that are running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and up and iOS devices running iOS 7 and up.

The display on the Google Glass does not look big but that is not the case as the display is equal to looking at a 25 inch screen from a length of 8 feet away. Google Glass also has a 5MP camera that shoots HD videos and has 12GB storage space that syncs with Google Cloud Storage.

The device is very expensive and so are the accessories available for it. It won’t be a surprise if most of the people out there can’t afford it, but for those of you who are interested in trying it for free Google has that covered on their ‘’Glass Basecamps’’ that are three in number in which two are available in California and one in New York City.