We all can agree on how good and affordable Google Nexus devices are but when it comes to the official accessories of these Nexus devices well they either come very late or not come at all. Google has been picking up its phase and have came up with cover for the Nexus 10 and a few cases for the Nexus 5 though it’s not enough as other smartphone manufacturers offers a lot more accessories with their devices.

Google might be working on a workshop where the company would provide its owners to get cases and live wallpapers for their Nexus devices. It’s not something new there are already a lot of websites that offer custom skins and cases for every type of smartphone but it is something Google will do its self. Rumors say that Google has been working on it for quite a while and is already done with its workshop website but is still figuring out if they should go with this workshop idea of theirs or not.

The way Nexus owners will get their cases and live wallpapers would be based on two ways which includes a custom map or a photo and Moments these are two segments on which the whole process will be based on.

The first option where users would be able to choose a custom map or a photo is known as MapMe where Google will help its users to come up with suggestions depending on their location but users would also be allowed to choose a picture or a location of their choosing. The other option that users would have is known as Moments where users would be able to upload a pictures of their choice but according to the rumors this options is only limited to Nexus 5 devices for now.