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Before you start questioning, ‘Who are we talking about?’ It is Google and ASUS who have parted ways! Both companies were working in collaboration for Nexus tablet series. Google is reportedly scrapping ASUS and partnering with HTC for its new 8-inch Nexus tablet. The upcoming standard Google tablet will be released in the third quarter.

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The change in partner is primarily because of the fact that Google is possibly shaking up the design for its next-gen Nexus models. Prior to its cooperation with ASUS for the first-generation Nexus 7, Google had already attempted to partner with HTC regarding the joint venture. The offer was turned down as HTC was concentrating on pushing its smartphone business at that time.

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After partnering with Google for the first two generations of Nexus 7, ASUS has not been “as aggressive over third-generation Nexus orders”. The reason might be that Google has placed restrictions on the partnership, cutting ASUS from the development side of things.

Interestingly it is suggested that Google is not being very belligerent about its new generation of Nexus tablets as the series has already achieved the objective of augmenting Android’s saturation in the tablet market. Some experts even believe that this new 8-inch device could be the last tablet released by Google, as it is expected to have minimal impact in the tablet market as a whole.

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