Google Now Launcher is currently being used on all the Nexus devices and after the launch of the Nexus 5 Google made its Google Now Launcher available on the Google Play Store as well and later on further extended its support for Google Play Edition devices only in February. Google Now launcher till now was only visible to those users on Google Play Store who were either a Nexus device owner or a Google Play edition smartphone owner but Google has yet again extended the support for its Google Now Launcher even more.

Now any Android device that is running JellyBean or higher can download Google Now Launcher and install it on their smartphone if they desire so to enjoy the stock Google Android experience though the launcher does not offers a lot of features but still a better option than all the other launchers available.

Google Now Launcher will provide two good features, one of it is the availability of Google home on the left side of the main home screen. Users can simply swipe on the left of the screen while being on the homescreen and easily access home from there. The other features is ‘’Ok Google’’ which can be accessed from any screen just by saying ‘’Ok Google’’.

There are also some minor other features as well that users would certainly notice if they come from a third party launcher. Google Now Launcher is a must have as its smoother, faster and simple to control. Before Google extended the support for Google Now Launcher on all Android devices users also tried to side load it manually but now users won’t have to go through that anymore.

Let us know your experience with it after you try it out we are certain that users would love the stock experience that it offers.