It’s been almost more than a year now that Google launched their Ara project and since then the company have been working hard to make this project a reality and even demoed one on Google I/O that was held recently though Google couldn’t get it to boot up, but the public saw that its real and is near its completion.

Over 90,000 people have joined project Ara in the hopes of making a project like this become a reality and now Google has finally decided to test their project in public and selected 100 beta users for it which are listed on their website. Google also said “Since October 2013, over 90,000 have signed up to make Project Ara a reality. Your passion and creativity were – and are – instrumental in turning an idea into a product. As promised, the 100 most active Ara scouts will be among the first to receive a phone – gratis. We couldn’t have done it without you’’. It’s true as we all who are interested in this project made it happen as Google wouldn’t have paid attention to something if the public was not interested in it.

Finally Ara smartphones will be leaving Google for the first time and will be in the hands of 100 select beta users. Google also said that after they ship these Ara smartphones they are going to start working on it for the next 8 months after which they will launch it publically but before that Google still has to go through a lot of testing and refining.

If you are still not aware about Google Project Ara, it is a smartphone that will be designed according to the user. The smartphone consist of a main skeleton frame which has socket on it that supports blocks and each block has its own feature. It can be a screen, a speaker, an SOC basically all the hardware consist on different blocks.