Grand Theft Auto 5 is considered the best GTA game of all time as it was improved in a lot of ways mainly focusing on the graphics on the game. The game was launched this year on Xbox 360 and PS3 leaving PC users behind. RockStar Games have finally decided to release it for PC as well as PS4 and XBOX ONE. GTA V will be arriving on both XBOX ONE and PS4 on 18th of November while the PC version will come later on, on 27th of January 2015.

As GTA V will comes on next gen hardware including two consoles and PC so there will be a lot of visual improvements to the game as well. The game will also have an increased draw distance as well as higher resolution support and will come with improvement like additional wildlife, denser traffic, new foliage system, new vehicles and activities. Riding in a car without a radio can be boring in GTA but GTA V for XBOX ONE, PS4 and PC will not only get an enhanced version of radio, but it will also include 100 new songs and 17 new radio stations.

Gamers will also get a benefit by preordering the game this time and for all of those who do will get $1,000,000 of cash in game that they can spend on anything which would be an easy start for all the new players. Other than that players who have already played the game on PS3 or XBOX 360 can transfer their player online on any of the new platforms and enjoy the game with new and improvement visuals and features.

Looks like RockStar Games is making it up for making PC users wait on the game for so long with consoles users also getting in on all the goodies.