HTC has reportedly been working on a Windows 8.1 smartphone known as W8 till now but according to the latest rumor HTC would go with a rather awkward name for their Windows smartphone. The company is going to use their latest HTC One M8 smartphone and launch it with Windows phone 8.1 OS on it though the smartphone will be known as ‘’HTC One (M8) for Windows’’.

It is also said that the smartphone will get to keep all its hardware that the Android version offers including the BoomSound speakers at the front and the Duo-Camera feature on its back. Other than that HTC One (M8) for Windows will also have a new feature called VOLTE (Voice over LTE). Microsoft Windows phone 8.1 OS still does not support VOLTE but is said to including its support in their future GDR1 update for Windows phone 8.1 OS.

Though the handset will get to keep the BoomSound and the Dup-Camera feature but we are not sure if HTC will also give it the same design as the original HTC ONE M8 does and that goes for the hardware inside the phone as well. HTC has also previously tried to launch Windows phones back in 2012 called HTC Windows phone 8X and 8S. Back then Windows phones were not so popular and HTC didn’t do so well.

Windows 8.1 will also support smart covers after an update that is set to come this august and HTC is reportedly been testing them on their HTC One (M8) for Windows. Looks like HTC is serious about their Windows smartphone though the rumor also suggests that it would be a carrier based smartphone for Verizon though we are not sure about that.