Looks like Instagram have accidently alerted some of its Instagram user with a banner of their new “one tap photo messaging app” known as Bolt on the Android version of Instagram. The banner was available for just a few users and for those whom it was visible to took a screen shot of it and posted it on the internet. The banner has a FREE button for downloading the app which lead to nowhere in the Google Play Store.


It’s not the first time something like this happened as before launching Facebook’s new app called Slingshot the company accidently made it available on the app store. Though the new BOLT app for Instagram might be a great news for its users but same cannot be said about Andrew Benton who is the founder of Bolt mobile voice app.

Andrew Benton said that “We know it’s a great name, because we chose it last year when we set out to build a better mobile voice and messaging experience,” writes Benton on the Bolt company blog. “We’ve worked really hard since then building the Bolt band and technology to where it is today. Please don’t destroy all that effort’’.

Andrew Benton also said that they have the rights to both the image and the app name and have requested Facebook to reconsider their app name because they don’t want their users to get confused with theirs and Instagram’s new messaging app. It’s not the First time that Facebook tried to copy the name of a famous app that was already available on the app store as previously Facebook came up with an app called Paper which was already available on the app store by the name of Paper by FiftyThree.

The new Bolt app for Instagram is expected to come out in August though we are not sure if Facebook would consider renaming their app or not.