Till now rumors were pointing the launch of iPhone 6 to be in September as Apple always launches their new iPhone in the month of September but according to the new rumor that might not be the case and people who are waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 6 would have to wait till 14th of October.

The rumor was leaked by an un-known source to folks at MacRumors and according to the source he got the Intel from an internal Apple retail store meeting where leader of the retail store pointed towards 14th of October saying it would be a very busy day for Apple and its retail stores.

Even though Apple will make the iPhone 6 available for the market in October but still the launch of the iPhone 6 is going to be on September 16th the source said. Apple has always launched their smartphones in the month of September and made them available for people to buy before the end of the month but looks like this time Apple might be facing some difficulties. It was said before that Apple was facing some manufacturing problems with both the 4.7 inch and the 5.5 inch models of iPhone 6 and though the problems with the 4.7 inch model of iPhone 6 were resolved still the company won’t be able to make it in time this year.

If the source is to be true then Apple is going to make their iPhone 6 available in their retail stores on October 14th which comes on Tuesday while Apple always start their iPhone sales on Friday’s as it’s the end of the week and people are free to get their hands on the iPhone. According to MacRumors this time around the demand of the iPhone 6 is very high and that is why Apple wants to start their sales early. This demand of the iPhone 6 must be high because of the larger screen that it offers now.