According to a recent rumor on Chinese forum Apple iPhone 6 is said to have a 16MP camera instead of an 8MP camera. Till now we have been hearing about Apple using the same 8MP camera from iPhone 5s on the iPhone 6 but with improved aperture. The reason why Apple went with the 16MP camera is said to be because of the new sensor that they are using from Sony Exmor model number IMX220. Sony Exmor sensor the one that Apple is going to use on iPhone 6 can support up to 20MP’s but Apple is going till 13MP’s for now.

When it comes to Apple they don’t always bump their camera very high as according to the company megapixels don’t count and we can clearly see how true that is by comparing the 8MP camera on the iPhone 5s with 13 to 16 or even 20MP cameras that are present on some high end smartphones out there and still there is barely any different in the quality. Other than that higher megapixels also results in poor lighting while lower megapixels can take good low light shots. Apple’s new Sony Exmor IMX220 sensor is also large at 1/2.3-inches which will also help in capturing more light thus allowing more light in low light situations which results in better pictures.

Apple is also said to be using an 1800 to 1900mAh battery on their iPhone 6 and according to an image leaked recently of the battery that will be used in the iPhone 6 says its 1810mAh. Though the battery has been slightly increased still it will bring a 16 percent increase in battery life of the iPhone 6 that would be necessary to power up the 4.7 inch screen on the iPhone 6 and to maintain the slim design of the phone.