LG recently launched their LG G Watch but the company has now plans to come up with a round watch as well, known as LG G Watch R. LG has just started mass producing their circular OLED display for their upcoming LG G Watch R which will have a screen size of 1.3 inches. The OLED panel of the circular display is 0.6mm thick and according to LG because of the round face design the screen area is going to be 57% larger than the square display in similar size.

The display on the LG G Watch R will support a resolution of 320 x 320 and according to LG also produces 100 percent color gamut. LG is going to debut their LG G Watch R at IFA this week, which makes it only 6 months after LG launched their smart watch the LG G Watch. Both of the smart watches are the same thing and will run the same OS though there is a difference in the design of the screen.

LG G Watch R won’t look nothing like the LG G Watch as LG wants to give their LG G Watch R a high and stylish look that will be encased in a stainless steel frame, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and a 410mAh battery to power it.

LG also said that the watch will be available in selective key markets in the fourth quarter of this year though the launch dates have not been announced yet. Looks like the round faced smart watch from Motorola certainly has an impact over all the other companies as Motorola was the first company to introduce a round faced smart watch though it’s not yet available to the market while Apple also has plans to come up with a round faced smart watch.