Microsoft has started to roll out the update for Windows 8.1 on all the Lumia supported devices today along with Nokia Cyan update. All the unlocked Lumia smartphones will have already gotten the update except for the carrier based Lumia smartphones, as updates on them depends on the carrier they belong to.

Microsoft announced their Windows 8.1 back in April and with this updates Microsoft brings a lot of stuff to their operating system in order to compete against Android and iOS including customizable home screen, a digital personal assistant named Cortana and Wi-Fi tools.

Cortana is an assistant just like you would find on iOS as Siri or Android as Google Now and performs all the same tasks. Cortana is intelligent though as it records data on its users and keep a track on his daily activity. This way Cortana knows more about the user day by day and becomes more and more intelligent.

According to The Verge Microsoft has removed the option of making Google as a default browser on all of their new Lumia smartphones that will ship with the Windows 8.1 update, though we don’t know why the company did that. Maybe they did it intentionally as Google just had an antitrust lawsuit by two users according to which Google uses their default browser on Android smartphones as a way of licensing.

This is the official OTA update from Microsoft though before this around 7 percent users were already using Microsoft Windows 8.1 update on their Lumia smartphones who tried to install it manually. Maybe after bringing what other platforms has to Windows OS Microsoft will be able to gain more interest because customization is the main thing what users want nowadays. Android was the first operating system to offer customization after which Apple adopted it as well and now Microsoft.