Currently Android on default is using Dalvik Runtime. When Google updated their Android version to Kitkat 4.4 they introduced a hidden ART (Android Runtime) feature with it that most users didn’t know about. The reason why Google didn’t tell everyone about it because they were testing this new runtime of theirs. After months of experimentation Google has finally decided to use ART Runtime as default on their upcoming Android version.

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If you don’t know Android have been running apps on Dalvik Runtime since the beginning which uses Just-In-time feature to compile the bytecode of an app that a user’s launches, it’s when a user sees a black screen that appears before the app loads. While on the other hand ART Runtime works better though it does require double the storage space compared to Dalvik. What ART does it that it complies the bytecode of an app at the time it’s installed, which results in much faster load times and battery efficiency.

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ART does offers better performance and battery life than Dalvik but for now there are some drawbacks to it as well as not all the apps present on Android are compatible with ART which causes problems and the apps that run on ART Runtime also takes up a lot of space so if you are a user with a lot of apps and less storage then ART might not be suitable for your. User will still be able to change from ART to Dalvik if needed.

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Default ART Runtime is among the changes that has been seen on AOSP source code and what it indicates is that Google will soon be adapting it as well on their Stock Android 4.5 or 5. If you want to give it a try go ahead and try it and let us known your experience with it, though it’s only available on stock Android and custom ROMS.//

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