Windows phone might be doing well in the US, UK and some other major countries where there are a majority of users that would prefer Windows phone over other smartphones but when it comes to Japan we can’t say the same as Japan has the lowest rate of Window phones users. The market share of Windows phone in Japan is so low that it has only captured 1 or 0 % of the overall market.

For Microsoft this can be a serious matter as it need to grow and Japan is one of the markets that should be captured as there are many potential buyers. Microsoft have something in mind that might stir things up as they have decided to hold an event in Japan on 27th of July. The event is called Nokia Con event and in this event the company will be demoing their latest smartphones to people who are interested to try one in japan though we don’t know which Windows smartphones will be available for demo.

So if are someone who lives in Japan and wants to try out a Windows phone then you should register yourself on the link that we have provided at the end. Hurry up though as there are only 60 invitations in total and 45 have already been filled. Judging from the invitations you could see how Nokia is doing in japan. Microsoft is trying really hard to compete with its biggest competitors including Android and iOS and to do that Nokia have improved both the hardware and software on their smartphones. Windows phone now offer a lot of functionality than it used to before which is what’s necessary to fulfil the needs of today’s users.

Efforts like these might make Microsoft increase their market share in Japan and the invitations might grow in number next time if it all goes well.

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