It’s been two months now Since OnePlus launched their OnePlus One smartphone in May and according to Sina Tech OnePlus has now plans to come up with its own operations system after which it will drop the support for Color OS that is running on the OnePlus One models sold in China.

This new custom ROM that OnePlus is going to make will only be available for the Chinese market where as OnePlus will still be using the CyanogenMod OS on their international models of OnePlus One. Liu Zuohu who is the CEO of OnePlus said that he made the decision to drop the support the Colors OS in order to come up with his own OS because it’s the only thing they’re missing as the company need to work on user-interface design and ROM engineering.

All the Chinese biggest smartphone manufacturers use forked version of Android OS on their smartphones. A stock Google Android would have been a good option but due to the Firewall limiting in China, stock Google Android does not offer much in terms of functionality. OnePlus One will still be working with CyanogenMod as the CyanogenMod version of OnePlus One were made available for international markets only where a lot of users prefer the stock look of Android which is basically what CyanogenMod offers as it uses stock Android with CyanogenMod tweaks.

OnePlus has moved its design and engineering teams to Taiwan where they are going to work on a new OS which will indeed be used on the next flagship device from OnePlus. We are sure that OnePlus is going to once again surprise the world as it did with their OnePlus One smartphone though the company still has to expand and solve their manufacturing issues.