OnePlus One was one of the most talked about smartphones this year because of the price point and the set of specs that came with in that price point. OnePlus One has made a lot of its users happy but it has also lost a lot of customers who were willing to get the smartphone but couldn’t, because the company had a strict invite only system in order to get one. Over all the device has a solid build and high end specs but sadly the company wasn’t able to meet the demand of the smartphone which made a lot of people lose interest in the phone.

Looks like OnePlus is finally ready to go one step ahead and finish their invite only system as the company just announced that it’s soon going to start taking preorders for OnePlus One. According to OnePlus the reason why they kept a strict invite only system is to avoid losses. OnePlus is a new company who like every other new company out there wants to survive and in order to do that the company has to be careful.

Preorders of the OnePlus One will start in the late October where the smartphone will be up for sale. The way it would work is upon ordering the smartphone if the company had any in their stock, they would be shipped right away. In case the stock gets empty the order will automatically become a preorder with an estimated shipping date, though between that time period people who have preordered their OnePlus One smartphone can also cancel their order.

Maybe when the company will launch their next flagship device the order system won’t be as strict as it was because OnePlus knows now that there is a high demand for a smartphone like OnePlus one.