We at Tech63 take special measures to ensure the privacy of users. Personal data of each user is encrypted using unique security algorithms and is encrypted so that even the employees at Tech63 cannot access the data. Employees at Tech63 will never ask for your personal information in any case whatsoever. However, we may store

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Postal Address/Demographic Info
  • Your Interests

The above data will only be used for data analysis. Some of the uses of data will be to

  • Know your interests, likes/dislikes so that searching can be optimized using your information to provide you the optimized results
  • Keep record of users for compiling various statistical reports related to the website data.
  • Send you promotional offers like giveaways, contests and subscription letters on your specified email address or postal address.

Browser Cookies

Cookies are small piece of JavaScript files that reside in your local drive with a .txt extension. These cookies play a key role in loading the site faster and efficiently responding to your queries on the website. Almost all of the web browsers these days accept cookies, but you can manually disable them from the browser settings depending on which browser you have. But, cookies, in no way, are some form of phishing or malware content that is used to steal your personal information from your computer.

Tech3 also uses Google AdSense and will display ads based on user search. Tech63 don’t have any control over which cookies are used by third party advertisers.