Samsung hasn’t been doing well this year with the launch of their Galaxy S5 as not a lot of user upgraded to the new smartphone mainly because they don’t think it’s an upgrade over the Galaxy S4 but it does not mean that the tech giant is going to stand back. Samsung has plans to come up with their latest flagship device in their Note line of smartphones known as Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and another rumored smartphone known as Samsung Galaxy Alpha which. These two will be the two smartphones that are going to compete against Apple iPhone 6. We are sure about the new Note 4 but what about the new Galaxy Alpha smartphone is Samsung going to go with that or not ?

Well, according to a Samsung executive named Kim Hyun-joon it is confirmed that Samsung is going to come up with a new smartphone with a bigger display which hints towards the Galaxy Note 4 of course as they are known for their bigger screens and continued saying that there is one other smartphone that would be made up of new materials. Samsung has only produced smartphones that are made up of plastic till now using a new materials might means that Samsung is going to try something new and this of course points towards the rumored Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone.

According to the latest rumors Samsung Galaxy Alpha is said to be equipped with a 4.7 inch display that will support a resolution of 720 x 1280, will also have a finger print sensor and will come with an onboard storage of 32GB. The device is also made of metal instead of plastic and is said to be launched in August 4. Whether these rumors are true of false we will surely get to know in the coming month.