Last month there were rumors about Samsung working with Oculus to come up with a VR headset that would only work on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones but according an image leaked of the actual VR headset by Samsung looks like the rumors were true and the VR headset is near its completion too so we might see it in a couple of months.

The idea of a Samsung VR headset is the same as the Google Cardboard that is a cheaper way to enjoy virtual reality through your smartphone but works will all type of smartphones and not just Samsung while Samsung VR headset would be made of high quality materials and will have sensors, HD OLED displays and USB 3.0 to connect to your smartphone.

Samsung VR headset is not just a normal headset as the VR headset works with a software that records the data from the camera of the phone and shows it on the two HD displays present on the headset to create a 3D image for the user. Samsung is said to be working with Oculus VR to make their virtual headset a reality and in doing so both the companies will benefit from each other where Samsung will get a VR headset and the software to run it while Oculus will get HD OLED screen from Samsung because Samsung is known for their great OLED display and it’s the only thing Oculus is missing from their Oculus Rift.

According to a report Samsung is also said to announce their VR headset on the upcoming 2014 IFA along with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung will also release an SDK after the launch of their VR headset though there is no news about when the headset is going to be commercially available for users.