Sales margin for Samsung was not good this year with the launch of Galaxy S5 as Samsung fans were expecting a lot more than Samsung providing thus resulting in low sales than last year. The company is now trying to peruse another goal and is going to enter the market of premium headphones just like other companies did including HTC and Apple.

Today on Friday Samsung is going to launch its own premium headphones and speaker named LEVEL which will include 2 over the ear headphones, one in ear buds and a wireless speaker. The most expensive of the four products is the Samsung Level-Over headphones. The headphones offers wireless connectivity to your smartphone and noise cancellation as well. The headphones look top notch and is made up of some premium materials.

Level-On is the same type of over the ears headphone just like Level-Over but does not feature wireless connectivity or noise cancellation thus priced at $179. The last category in Samsung’s headphones is the Level-In earphones which are in-ear buds and will have a triple driver system in each ear bud with a price of $149.

The last one in Samsung Level-line is a wireless Bluetooth speaker known as Samsung Level Box and will be priced at $169. According to Samsung ‘’The sleek, distinctive design is optimized to provide noise reduction and echo cancellation, and a built in rechargeable battery offers up to 15 hours of continuous playback on a single charge’’.

Samsung will also come up with a Level app to control all these Level products and will be available on Amazon starting 20th of July. Apple also bough Beats for $3 billion this year and is expected to launch something like Samsung did as well. Samsung and Apple are always competing with each and this year it’s going to be the same.