Samsung last announced that it was going to hold a conference in Russia where they will roll out their Samsung Tizen Z smartphone but looks like that won’t be the case anymore as Samsung has ran into some troubles with their Tizen phone.

Today on Monday Samsung announced that its going to stall the rollout of their Tizen smartphone in Russia for now by coming up with a statement saying that they are doing it ‘’ To further enhance the Tizen ecosystem, Samsung plans to postpone the launch of Samsung Z in Russia. Samsung will continue to actively work with Tizen Association members pursuing to further develop both Tizen OS and the Tizen ecosystem’’.

Now why is this Tizen OS based smartphone so important for Samsung you may ask, well the importance that Samsung has gained through all these years is with the help of Android OS which is controlled by Google and Tizen is an OS that Samsung made on their own. Samsung is looking to introduced it into the market to see how well it performs. In case the Tizen phone was a hit then Samsung would probably move on from Google Android and go along with Tizen OS. Tizen OS is already running on Samsung wearables but we have yet to see a running version of it on a smartphone.

A Chinese phone network from Japan also said that their Japanese market is not fully developed yet to handle three big mobile platforms at the moment as Android and iOS are already a part of it and Tizen OS is what they were pointing towards.

All we have seen is a prototype smartphone running Tizen OS though the smartphone had the latest specs, but the availability of the apps is the main concern of Tizen OS right now which is something Samsung is worried about.