In today’s market there are a lot of people who would prefer a cheap smartphone over a high end smartphone mainly because they can’t afford one and the main concern of the people who buy a cheap smartphone is that the phone can run all type of apps. Though a lot of Chinese manufacturers are already there to provide these people with cheap smartphones but what if these cheap smartphones also provided a good Android experience? Well ZTE will be among the first to use Google Now Launcher on their upcoming devices.

Both the companies will benefit from this as ZTE will only focus on providing the best hardware while Google will be responsible for providing the best Android experience. ZTE’s Blade Vec 4G will be among the first smartphones from the company that is going to come with Google Now Launcher with some decent hardware like a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor that will go through all the tasks with ease as Google Now launcher provides a very clean look which makes it lite.

Till now Google Now launcher was only found on Google Nexus devices and Google Play edition devices, with the launcher also made available on Google Play Store for these devices but now with the help of ZTE that might not be the case anymore and in the future Google might make it available for every smartphone out there for users who like to use Google’s Android vanilla experience rather than custom UI’s made by 3rd party companies.

Users can also try Google Now launcher through custom ROMS like Cyanogenmod, if they don’t have a Nexus device or a Google Play edition device. Cyanogenmod is stock Android with Cyanogenmod tweaks so people won’t be missing on anything. If you have used Google Now launcher how was your experience with it?