After the celebrity scandal that made a lot of Apple users question the security of Apple’s iCloud the company finally came up with some restriction so that something unfortunate as that celebrity scandal won’t happen again. Apple said that now iCloud will send warning emails to iCloud’s account holders when it’s been logged in from a new device that hasn’t been used before. Warning emails would also be received when a customer will restore data from iCloud or when the password is being changed. So in every way iCloud account holder will be notified in case something happens to their iCloud account.

Apple also announced that their iCloud account holders will also receive warning emails when it’s logged in from a new browser or using a specific browser that has already been in use though in that case the warning emails would be a onetime thing.

As all of you would already know by now that a hacker got into the accounts of some famous celebrities and obtained their personal pics and uploaded them online including Jennifer Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihana, Kate Upton, and Hillary Duff. It was also necessary to tight up the security on their iCloud storage as Apple has plans to launch their iPhone Wallet app and with rumors like this spreading around Apple is worried about the trust of their customers.

iCloud storage is the only account where users can keep trying to enter wrong password without being worried about blocking their ID and because of that the hacker was able to sign into the accounts of the mentioned celebrity as he kept trying till he got the right one. Apple should also limit the number of tries a user can have before their ID gets blocked. This would also be a secure way of logging into iCloud.