Apple might have plans to come up with an all glass iPhone in the future just like the ones we see in movies where except glass there is nothing else used on the display. Apple received a patent from USPTO covering the details about an all glass iPhone with a title that states ‘’ Fused glass device housings’’.

An all glass iPhone would be something amazing to hold but there are drawbacks to it as well. iPhone is a beauty to look at but it’s a fragile device as well and many iPhone owners get their screen cracked on their first drop while some get lucky if the phone hits the ground on its metal side. This won’t be the case with an all glass iPhone as there is nothing to protect it against the fall but Apple might have something to cover that which is the sapphire glass that Apple has invested in recently.

A recent video by MKBHD on YouTube proves how durable a sapphire screen can be as he tested it by scratching it and bending it, still there were no signs of cracking or breaking. So if Apple was going to use a sapphire glass to create this all glass iPhone it would make some sense. Even then a sapphire glass is not something that comes cheap. Apple iPhone already is considered the most expensive smartphone that a person can get and coming up with something that is made up of all sapphire glass is something that would be a luxury which is not something everyone can afford.

Still if Apple was ready to go with this project, it would take a few years before something like that gets introduced into the market as Apple recently started working with sapphire crystals.