If the latest rumor is to be true then the Apple iPhone 6 will have a notification light on its back where the company has its Apple logo just like the ones found on Apple MacBook’s. This would be a great upgrade over the previous generations of iPhones as users won’t have to turn the screen on every time to check for notifications and they can simple look at the back of the phone.

uSwitch got hold of the back housing of IPhone 6 and leaked some pictures of it and said that this time around Apple will be going for a glowing Apple logo on the back acting as a notification alert. According to uSwitch ‘’ Rear housings for previous iPhones were aperture-free solid blocks that featured the Apple logo embossed on the exterior of the handset. However this time the logo is part of a plastic panel that’s inserted in a recessed part of the interior of the rear housing and peeks through the hole. Tellingly, the plastic part looks to have been made thin enough that light can easily shine through to alert you to updates and other important messages’’.

Flash light on the back of all iPhones can be used as notification light as well and we also saw a concept like this introduced in Kickstarters program known as Lunecase which uses the electromagnetic energy that the phone emits to power the case. The case has different notification icons on its back for specific notifications and glows accordingly.

iPhone 6 is said to come with a lot of improvements including a bigger screen, a better processor and a thinner design and maybe more. The smartphone is said to launch in September till then we will keep your guys updated on anything regarding Apple’s new iPhone 6.