Every mobile operating system out there whether its Android, iOS or Windows they all have a voice assistant of their own leaving Blackberry behind, well that won’t be the case anymore as Blackberry today on Wednesday announced its own voice assistant in order to compete with its rivals.

These past few years hasn’t been great for Blackberry as the company has constantly been losing profits and customers from Blackberry have been moving to other options like Android or iOS. The voice assistant trend was first introduced by Apple with Siri back in 2011 which was followed by Android with Google Now and Microsoft after that with Cortana voice assistant.

We are not sure if Blackberry is going to attract any customers with their new voice assistant but it would be a good features for Blackberry’s loyal customers and they won’t feel backed down. The icon of the personal assistant of Blackberry looks like Cortana and will be available on the next Blackberry 10.3 update.

According to Donny Halliwell who is Blackberry’s social media representative “Most impressive, for me, is that when I’m interacting with BlackBerry Assistant, it completes most of the actions without leaving the app’’. The new voice assistant from Blackberry will help its users to search for calendar information and emails, set different reminders and a lot of other functions.

Blackberry also has plans to come up with another smartphone known as Blackberry Passport which will be equipped with a square 4.5 inch screen said to be launched in September. This maybe the last try from Blackberry to offer something new and incase the company still didn’t make it through this time then maybe Blackberry might stop producing smartphones.

What do you think about the new voice assistant from Blackberry?