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Apple Watch VS Moto 360, Pebble Steel and Samsung Gear Live

This year was not like any other as all the manufactures including LG, Motorola, Samsung and Apple unveiled their version of smart watches and though in terms of specs and features they are almost the same, the only different that one can find between them is the

Apple sets a record on preorders of the all new iPhone 6

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Apple added new restrictions to iCloud account

After the celebrity scandal that made a lot of Apple users question the security of Apple’s iCloud the company finally came up with some restriction so that something unfortunate as that celebrity scandal won’t happen again. Apple said that now iCloud will send warning emails to iCloud’s

Apple successfully acquires Beats

We have been hearing about Apple trying to acquire Beats and it was said that the deal between the two companies was closed at $3billions. Looks like the acquisitions is finally complete as both Apple and Beats posed a statement on their respected websites and tweeter accounts

iPhone 6 now rumroed to launch on October 14

Till now rumors were pointing the launch of iPhone 6 to be in September as Apple always launches their new iPhone in the month of September but according to the new rumor that might not be the case and people who are waiting to get their hands