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iPhone 6 said to be equipped with a 16MP camera

According to a recent rumor on Chinese forum Apple iPhone 6 is said to have a 16MP camera instead of an 8MP camera. Till now we have been hearing about Apple using the same 8MP camera from iPhone 5s on the iPhone 6 but with improved aperture.

iPhone 6 5.5 inch version to be delayed till 2015

The 5.5 inch rumored iPhone 6 might get delayed as far as 2015 according to some production problems that apple is facing. The problems that Apple is facing with the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 is on the screen in both coloring and in-cell touch panel maybe because

Apple A8 chip to be clocked higher than 2.0GHz

We live in a world where smartphone SOC’s have break the barrier of dual cores and even quad cores and currently stands on eight cores while same can’t be said about Apple as they are still running their smartphones with dual core processor that go as high

Apple all glass iPhone patent

Apple might have plans to come up with an all glass iPhone in the future just like the ones we see in movies where except glass there is nothing else used on the display. Apple received a patent from USPTO covering the details about an all glass

iPhone 6 to launch in September

There have been a lot of rumors surfacing the web nowadays as the upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple is said to launch in September and according to the latest rumors the launch dates have moved ahead of what previous leaks suggested it would be, though one thing