Nowadays there are many sources who leak information about smartphones and other devices before they arrive and the one that we all know is on the top and has always been right is known as @evleaks. On Sunday the famous tipster announced his retirement through his twitter account and said that he won’t be leaking about anything anymore. In 2013 the famous tipster @evleaks reviled his name and goes by the name Evan Blass.

Evan Blass was not just an anonymous tipster but he has a long history of being a writer at different websites as well. In 2005 Blass started working as an editor in Engadget and worked hard to work his way up to a senior editor. He then moved to Pocketnow for the next three years and started leaking stuff in 2012. Blass always provided with the most accurate information where other sources failed to do so and it was not just once but most of the time he always got it right.

While speaking to The Next Web, Evan Blass explained his reason for his retirement and said that its time to move forward and look for a real job which will pay for his future. He also said that he is mainly famous on his Twitter account and “trying to monetize a stream of Twitter leaks is not easy’’ which is why he is facing problems making it his career.

Even Blass said that he has no plans to return to being a tipster again and would continue with his life by starting a new career though he will be handling his twitter account but personally. All good things come to an end and so did @evleaks. Evan Blass was one of the best tipster on the internet and will be remembered as one too.