Firefox is finally going to enter the Indian market with their $50 smartphone and to help them do this around 20 mobile telecom carriers are helping Firefox in order to make the phone available for the consumers in Indian market.

Firefox was able to achieve the low cost of the $50 smartphone by using affordable mobile chips created by Spreadtrum which is a Chinese base company, because of which the smartphones that Firefox is making cost $25 each. CEO of Mozilla named Gong Li weighed said that “Mozilla initially launched Firefox smartphones in the Latin America and Europe markets in July 2013 and has sold about one million units. Mozilla has been able to cooperate with only 1-2 mobile telecom carriers in each country in the two regional markets, but will instead cooperate with more than 10 retail chains in India’’

By doing this Mozilla is hoping to make up more sales than they did back in America and Europe because their partnership in the Indian market has grown far more than America and Europe and with an affordable smartphone like the $50 smartphone Firefox is hoping to sell around 10 million smartphones in India at the end of this year.

Mozilla also said that their $50 smartphone by today’s standards is rubbish as it does not have Whatsapp or other famous apps that users would expect on other mobile operating systems but it does let you send emails, take pictures, play music in the background and browse the web. Firefox has worked hard to get where it is right now and though Firefox OS isn’t getting as much getting as it should be the company still hasn’t backed up and is trying to come up with new ways to attract customers.