Not only did HTC came up with their 2014 flagship device this year known as HTC ONE M8 but the company also came up with an interesting case for the phone known as Dot View case. The Dot View case is really useful as it can save up a lot of battery because users won’t have to turn the screen on in order to check the time, notifications or other things and can simply check all the information on the Dot View case which uses less power.

Till now Dot View case was only compatible with HTC ONE M8 but according to the new image that was leaked by @evleaks the Dot View case by HTC is going to be compatible with a number of other smartphones that are not announced yet. The image shows that the premium version of Dot View case will be compatible with HTC ONE M8, HTC M8 Ace, B2, W8 and EYE. Other than the first two smartphones the other three haven’t been announced yet which are B2, W8 and EYE so what are they. Well they are unannounced smartphones that HTC is said to be working on the W8 is going to be an HTC Windows 8.1 smartphones, B2 is going to be the new Butterfly smartphone while EYE is said to be a selfie centered smartphone.

There will also be a standard version of Dot View case for A51 and a lite version of Dot View case for A21 and A11. If this image is to be real than HTC has plans for a lot of phones this or the next year including the one we told you about and the ones that we don’t know about

What do you guys think, are you excited about these unannounced smartphones?