Looks like MediaTek has plans to move on to the high end devices as the company has announced their high end 64-bit mobile processor. Till now MediaTek was known for their affordable processors that can be found on a lot of devices including smartphones and tablets.

If you don’t know mobile processors running on 64-bit can perform much better than 32-bit processors used on almost all the phones out there. The reason why 64-bit processor performs better is because it can handle more RAM and manages it really well which results in faster app load times and overall performance boost, but there are some limitations to it as well as there aren’t a lot of apps out there that are designed to run on 64-bit. Apple iPhone 5s is the only phone using a 64-bit A7 processor at the moment and judging from the benchmarks and performance its clear how well the processor performs against some high end quad core processors out there.

Companies like Qualcomm and Nvidia have already announced their 64-bit processor with Samsung also said to be working on one. MediaTek MT6795 is the new 64-bit processor from the company which will be included in high end devices by the end of this year. The processor is clocked in at 2.2GHz and will be able handle everything like games, apps and other processes on a 2k display. MediaTek also announced two other 64-bit processor back in February but they are aimed towards mainstream users.

MediaTek also has plans to make chips for wearable device which will allow their devices to be connected with their home appliances through the internet and by doing that the company will make its self-recognized in countries like the US where not a lot of people are found of the company.