Android Wear devices are the new trend in tech world and a lot of people are already adopting to this new technology. Though the device offers a lot of features but it does not offer a keyboard and Google wants you to reply to your message and stuff through voice recognition software. The software works great but sometimes it’s just not the right option and for all of you who feel the same, Minuum has announced their first and only keyboard for Android Wear.

Android Wear is not the only platform Minuum is going to offer its keyboard on, but it has also launched its keyboard for both Google Glass and Android devices and is now moving on to Android Wear. As we all know Android Wear devices have a really small screen and coming up with a big keyboard is not an exception. Minuum Android Wear keyboard has a single line of letters that acts as a keyboard and works with predictive text technology to known what word the user would type. User can also delete the letter if not right but swiping to the left and if the word is right user can swipe to the right to accept it.

Minuum Android Wear keyboard will be available for all Android Wear devices including Moto 360, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. According to Minuum ‘’We’ve had oodles of requests for Minuum on Android Wear smart watches – everyone’s looking for a way to quickly reply to messages on their wrist without having to rely on voice typing. While there aren’t yet many apps on Android Wear built with text fields available for typing, we’re working on changing this – sign up at to stay updated.’’

So if you are interested go ahead and sign up for the beta version of the keyboard.