On Tuesday Motorola announced their new unlock system that would be used on their Moto X smartphone, which unlocks the phone with the help of a Digital Tattoo. Till now we have seen biometric systems on smartphones which is considered the most easy, fast and secure was to unlock a user’s phone, but a Digital Tattoo unlock is something new.

The Digital Tattoo is made by both Google and VivaLnk Inc. and costs $10 a piece and works with NFC to unlock your phone. The Tattoo its self is round in shape and looks like a nickel in design which sticks to the skin of the user with the help of adhesive material which will last on the skin of the user for five days and will remain there even if the user swims, jogs or showers.

It’s pretty easy to unlock with your smartphone with the help of the NFC activated tattoo as users would simply have to tap their Moto X smartphone backs side on the Tattoo which will unlock the phone with the help of NFC. According to Motorola “It’s another step in making it easier to unlock your phone on the go and keep your personal information safe. An average user takes 2.3 seconds to unlock their phone and does this about 39 times a day-a process that some people find so inconvenient that they do not lock their phones at all. Using NFC technology, digital tattoos make it faster to safely unlock your phone anywhere without having to enter a password’’.

Interested people can get the digital NFC tattoos from vivalnk website. Each $10 tattoo pack will have 10 tattoo stickers in them which would last for a month for a user but there is one thing that the user should know before buying this is that these NFC Tattoos only work with the Moto X from Motorola.