Tizen is an operating system created by Samsung which is backed up by Intel and LG. Samsung launched their first Tizen running wearable’s this year with their Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch and was in hopes to come up with a smartphone running Tizen as well called Samsung Z.

Samsung was officially going to launch their Samsung Z smartphone in Russia on 10th of July at a special developer conference but that didn’t happen as the company backed up saying the software is not ready yet. The main reason behind it according to Samsung was is that there aren’t a lot of apps currently available on the platform so the user won’t be satisfied and that is why we have delayed the launch date for Samsung Z.

This is true as Tizen is a new operating system from Samsung and there aren’t many developers that are supporting the new operating system at the moment where platforms like Android and iOS are getting thousands of apps daily. Just like Tizen, Mozilla is also trying to compete with iOS and Android with their Firefox OS, though they are not getting as much attention as they should and maybe Samsung overlooked that and realized that maybe it’s too early to come up Samsung Z.

Right now Samsung is dependent on Android as all of their high end and low end smartphones run Google Android OS and one of the great disadvantages about that are the apps that the user’s purchase, as they are all Google apps, so money goes into Google’s wallet as well. If Samsung was able to make their Tizen operating system for smartphone work then they can come up with their own apps and won’t be reliable on Google anymore.