Sony recently launched their Sony Xperia Z2 back in May and looks like the company already has plans to launch their next flagship device known as Xperia Z3. A lot of leaked pictures have been uploaded on the internet that say that the smartphone is Xperia Z3 with a launch date of September.

The leaked images of the Xperia Z3 looks to be taken from a Chinese model of the device with a model number L55t. If the leaked pictures were real then there is barely any difference between the current flagship device Xperia Z2 and the upcoming flagship device Xperia Z3. Though the sides or the phones including top and bottom as well are all rounded in shape and are not flat anymore which will give it a good grip in the hands.

The hardware on the phone is said to be the same and will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor instead of 805 though we are sure everyone was expecting it to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 806 SOC but maybe Sony has plans for that on their next Xperia Z4 smartphone. The phone will also has the same camera and will be running Android Kitkat 4.4.4 out of the box, though there was no detail on the display of the smartphone or the amount of RAM it’s going to have.

If Sony has plans to launch their Xperia Z3 in September than it will be competing against Note 4 from Samsung and iPhone 6 from Apple and to be honest odds are against Sony because the competition between Note 4 and Apple 6 will be really high as they always are every year while Sony will be providing the same phone with curved edges only, which is not something a user would go for.