VLC is a well-known media player because of the ease that the software offers as users can simply throw any video format at it and it would play it without a problem though when it comes to Windows 8.1 VLC only offers its beta version which has a lot of problems which needs to be fix. The developer of VLC said that he is working on a VLC universal app that will work on Windows as well as Windows phone devices and the app is 90% ready.

The developer also gave a screen shot of how the universal VLC app would look like in Windows 8.1 where the VLC app fills a big gap in the UI of Windows 8.1. Only a ported version of VLC was available for Windows 8.1 till now. According to the developer his universal app is almost complete and the time that it took was spend in cracking the ARM compiler which will be responsible for running the VLC universal app on both Windows and Windows phone 8.1 while maintaining the same look on both platforms.

Other than that the new universal VLC player is going to be the first media player among others to take advantage of the Microsoft’s new “write once, fit all” coding tactics. The developer of VLC said “The XAML code is nearly the same. I worked really hard to make a design that works well on phones, phablets, tablets, laptops and desktops thanks to the upcoming windowed mode Windows Threshold is rumored to bring (I tested with Stardock Modern Mix).’’

Windows phone is surely getting a lot of attention after the launch of Windows phone 8.1 though the update is still not available in all countries but will soon be. The new UI and OS offers a lot of benefits and the new universal VLC app is one of them.